Interesting facts about our local market….

The Norwalk real estate market is probably the most diverse in Fairfield County.  As of today, you can buy anything from a condo for $55,000 to a private island for $10,000,000.  Talk about having something for everyone 🙂

The Westport market has 101 properties for sale in the $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 price range.  Out of those, 55 are new construction…..more than 50%!    Comparing new construction in the same price to surrounding towns, Weston has 2, Norwalk 5, Fairfield 12 and Darien 5.

A new trend in renovating and decorating…

Salvage design is the latest trend and another way to “go green” – Vintage tiles, old doors, claw-foot tubs, fireplace mantels and a host of other items are making their way back adding creativity and character to newer homes. Where to look for those special items? Start with rebuild centers, auction houses, estate sale companies, secondhand shops, antique stores, even colleges and high schools will sometimes sell off interesting old architectural components. Explore your creativity and add personality to your home with salvaged treasures.


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