What’s it Worth?


Knowing the value of your home, whether you are selling or not, is good information to have.  But relying on sources such as Zillow to provide a “zestimate” is not the best source.  Zillow uses a computer algorithm  to value homes which can be close to accurate some of the time, but is often way off.   Valuing real estate requires real people.  Condition, views, curb appeal, surrounding homes and neighborhood all affect the value of your home and cannot be calculated without personal assessment by a professional.

What is your home worth in today’s market?  Find out now. 

Market Snapshot – March 21, 2016

As of today, March 21, 2016, there are 496 properties on the market in Norwalk and 24% of them have accepted offers.  In Westport, there are 364 properties on the market – 10% of those have accepted offers.  In Fairfield, there are 603 properties on the market and 16% of them have accepted offers.

The bulk of the activity in Norwalk is between $200k and $600k.  For Westport, most activity is in the $800k to $1.8m range.   In Fairfield, most of the activity is under $800k.

Is it Contemporary, or is it Modern?

The two words are used interchangeably regarding many topics.

When discussing real estate, modern and contemporary mean the same thing to most people, but there is a difference.  “Classic modern” homes,  such as the Frank Lloyd Wright designs, have a definitive style with architectural features that are recognizable – linear, low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, central chimneys and open floor plans.  The term “contemporary” can refer to any non-traditional style home which features a combination of modern and traditional elements.    They are often designed to take advantage of light, views and landscapes.

When discussing art, modern and contemporary mean two very different things.  Modern art refers to a period following the era of Impressionism.  It started around 1880 and continued until the 1970’s.   Contemporary art started around 1970 with the “postmodern” movement and refers to art created from then until now.  They both have very different roots.  The modern art movement was born out of the artists desire to express their visions, use real life social issues as subject matter and experiment with different mediums.   Contemporary art was the beginning of more socially, economically and politically conscious art and is the last of the artistic movements to be formally classified.