New Cherry Street Art Site – Just Launched!

Visit the site and see what we are up to in our efforts to inspire visual art collecting for everyone.  Collecting original art is a highly rewarding and enriching experience that anyone can enjoy.   No longer for the aristocratic levels of society, art collecting is available to everyone whether you are an art expert or novice.    Whatever your style, size, and price range, the supply of original art is abundant, and we help you find exactly what you want.

Visit  and learn about the art of buying art – whether you are buying to decorate, build a collection or make an investment.   Learn the difference between buying for love and buying for money.  Hear the love story of two art collectors who amassed one of the most astonishing art collections while living in a 450 square foot apartment.  Read the report from the most prominent auction houses, how they performed for 2016 and what they predict for the future.   Learn the results of studies and research proving the powerful effects art has on our brains and learning processes.

The information is compelling.  Few things in life are more rewarding than collecting original art.    When you see a room transformed by adding original art, you will be inspired to create your own unique and personal space.


Same space, same furnishings – two personalities portrayed by the art.   Both create visual stimulation, one is energetic the other is calming and thoughtful.  Both can induce conversation but for different reasons.

There is much to know when selecting art depending on the mood, style or ambiance you are trying to achieve.   It is a fun process and you will love the result.







Home Sale Statistics for August

The current home sale statistics for August in the towns of Fairfield, Norwalk, Weston and Westport show a typical decline in all towns except for Westport.   This is not necessarily a trend as last month all other towns were up while Westport was down .  Overall the statistics for the past few months have shown an increase in activity in all towns from 2016, which is good news.   See the full report….

The months of July and August are historically slower than most other months along with November and December.  Once school is back in session, there is often an increase in home buying during September and August, which means closing numbers should increase for  November and December.

Inventory levels remain on the level to the low side.  Fairfield currently has 569 homes for sale and 12% of them have accepted offers.  Norwalk has 486 homes for sale and about 19% of them have accepted offers.  In Westport, there are 407 homes for sale and only 7% have offers.  This difference is due primarily to the price level in all towns.  Norwalk and Fairfield have a much more diversified market while Westport inventory is primarily in the high end.   Westport has 11 properties over $1,000,000 with accepted offers, where Norwalk has only 4 and Fairfield with 7.