The Art of Living – Location, Space, Environment

Where is the best place to live?  Among the top choices in the country, Fairfield County Connecticut is one of the favorites, and there are many good reasons for choosing this area.   Convenient commuting to New York City with express trains running approximately 1 hour into Grand Central terminal, a quick ride to snowy mountains to the north and exquisite beaches to the south and east.  There is no shortage of lifestyle opportunities and amenities in this area.

Beyond proximity to all that New York City has to offer, there are many other  lifestyle perks that make this area one of the most desirable in the country.   Award winning schools and education options, exquisite golf courses, a variety of boating and waterfront activities, private beaches and a generous supply of 5 star restaurants that could keep you dining out regularly for years,  just to name a few.

Every city and town has a unique character and personality that is distinct.  Bustling downtown areas, charming residential neighborhoods, community organizations, parks, beaches and more. If you are a shopper,  Fairfield County has a lot to offer with many top brand name stores as well as specialized boutiques populating the area.  The entertainment options are abundant including multiple movie theaters,  live shows and community activities that keep the calendar of events in every town full and varied throughout the year no matter what season.   Whether you are looking for a welcoming and engaging family community, or an active and diverse singles community, it’s all here.

Our neighborhoods encompass an entire range of living preferences from large land parcels with rolling hills and secluded streets to high rise downtown apartments.  Our real estate market is active with opportunities ranging anywhere from $50,000 apartments and condominiums to $30,000,000 private islands.  There is truly something for everyone no matter what budget requirements or personal preferences you have.

High rise apartments in Stamford.
The Southport area of Fairfield

But one of the most appealing features of this area is the vibrant and active dedication to the arts.   Support for the visual, musical, literary and performing arts is part of the Fairfield County Culture and one of the many reasons why people choose to live in this area.   Every town has at least one art and cultural organization which keeps the social and artistic atmosphere thriving and energized.

The Levitt Pavilion in Westport hosts many free concerts throughout the summer months.
The Lockwood Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, a registered historic landmark built as a residence in1864-1968 is now a museum serving as a venue for many art related events and programs.


Creating a truly rewarding living experience begins with the location you choose, to the property you select and  then finally how you transform that property to a living environment that is uniquely yours.    The home environment is the one place where you can leave the outside world behind and create your own world.  And the best way to do it is by adding original art to your space.    Furniture, colors, fabrics and window treatments can all be seen in homes, magazines and stores, and they all have a short life given the continually changing home decorating industry.   What is “in” today, will most certainly be “out” tomorrow.

Not so with art.  Original art endures.  When you collect or buy original art, you choose to make your living space something unlike any other.  Why stop at picking the perfect location and property and not finish the process by creating the perfect interior to match your style and personality.


When it comes to choosing art for your home, think with your heart and feel your own style and emotion.  Let you home reflect and express your individuality and distinct personality.  There is no right or wrong choice when choosing art for your space.   Be yourself and buy original.  The art you choose is the art that is right for you.   Your interior space is a place to express who you are and a place to be who you want to be.  Live it , love it and do it your way.

With so many forms of art and different art mediums the possibilities are infinite for creating a one-of-a-kind look.  Just imagine this delightful butler sculpture in a foyer, dining room, living room or any other space.   What do you think it would say about the owner?    Many possibilities, and all delightful.    Not only a joy for the owner but an unforgettable treat for every guest and visitor as well.

Sculpture Realism, by Howland Blackiston


Inspire your world.

Include original art in all your interior spaces.


Realistic Sculpture by
Howland Blackiston
Westport Art Center Exhibit
September 6, 2017


August Home Sales

4 Sandpiper Road, Westport
Highest sale for August – Sale Price: $3,375,000

As a member of the Board for the Mid Fairfield County Association of Realtors I monitor the home sale activity in the towns of Fairfield, Norwalk, Westport and Weston and report on the monthly activity.  Below are the statistics for the month of August.  Prior month reports going back 24 months are available to view on my website,

Total sales = 85
Median Sale Price = $619,000
Sale price per square foot = $260
Sales closing at 94% of asking price.
YTD Sales down 3% from August 2016.

Total Sales = 64
Median Sale Price = $470,000
Sale price per square foot = $251
Sales closing at 96% of asking price.
YTD Sales down 19% from August 2016.

Total sales = 20
Median Sale Price = $798,000
Sale price per square foot = $186
Sales closing at 92% of asking price.
YTD Sales down 36from August 2016.


Total sales = 58
Median Sales Price = $1,144,250
Sale Price per square foot = $336
Sales closing at 95% of asking price.
YTD Sales up 16% from August 2016.