Art News – Investing, Affordable, High Tech

The market for Contemporary Art has exploded.  Here are a few to watch if you are thinking about collecting or maybe just curious about which artists are  hot.  Keep in mind if you like an artist’s work but it does not fit your budget, there are many talented emerging artists to consider as an alternative.



The Community show at the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in Fairfield is coming to a close.  Be sure to stop by before March 17 for some great art at very affordable prices.  The next show will be a landscape show starting on March 23 featuring several local landscape artists each with their own unique style of portraying local landscapes and beyond.  Did you know that gazing at a landscape work of art for only a minute can momentarily transport you to another time and place, relaxing your mind and reducing stress levels?

With so many styles of art, it can be challenging to find what is right for you.  Technology is continually creating new mediums for creating art.  If you want something new and exciting…check out some  fractal art .   This newer genre of high tech art  uses algorithms and fractal generating software to create powerfully colorful and detailed psychedelic-like images.  Louis Markoya, a protege’ of Salvadore Dali, is a Connecticut artist who brilliantly incorporates fractals in his work.

Original art is abundant.  Why settle for a copy of anything?  Call Cherry Street Art for a consultation to find art you love.                   203-246-5397