Art Raises Real Estate Values

What happens when a group of artists set up shop in an undesirable  community or lower rent district?    Things start to transform.   Slowly, or not so slowly, the neighborhood takes on a new aura and personality becoming more appealing and driving rents and real estate values up.

Loft Artist Association, Pacific Avenue, Stamford

Examples can be found all over the country and in our own local area as well.  Connecticut is rich with art associations who have set up residence in affordable abandoned buildings only to find that, once their presence has been established, they are pushed out to make room for new development projects.

If you are keeping your eye out for a good real estate investment, think like a developer.   Many follow the artists to find the best locations for their future projects.

Along the High Line, New York City

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Art transforms our homes, buildings and neighborhoods with beauty and visual stimulation creating inspiring live and work environments.   To enhance your space with visual art, contact Cherry Street Art Consultants for the best guidance in selecting the perfect art for you.