The Art and Real Estate Connection

There is no better way to showcase original art than in a setting where it can be appreciated for the visual value it adds to a space.  And there is no better way to enhance an interior space than with original art.  It’s personal, individual and unique.

Below are images of an art exhibit installed at a newly constructed home in Westport.  The home is expertly built and staged but the biggest treat is the art and the way it breathes life into the space.  Without the art, the space would not have the same energy and pizzazz.

When buying a new home or moving into a new space, allow some room in the budget for art.

Enjoy this preview to see a bit of the home and the art:

Art by John Newcomb and Jeffrey Starkes, – exciting, energetic, and stimulating.

We selected work by two different artists to add energy and inspiration for conversation and dining.  Red was the perfect color.  Red has always been a favored color for dining rooms.   It is strong, warm, energetic and stimulates the appetite.    We installed three original paintings that complement and coordinate well with each other to create an inspiring atmosphere in this neutral dining room.    We loved the work selected and were even more delighted with the titles of the work  –  “Seafood Salad”,  “Seeking Consensus” and “Tea Party”…..perfect for a dining room.   The three uniquely different styles of art playfully working together in this room creates a visual experience that would delight any guest.

Art by Lisa Cuscuna in the Living Room – calm yet dramatic landscape, and Jeffey Starkes in the Foyer – welcoming and cheerful.

A view from the living room to the entry foyer shows two works of art – a contemporary landscape by Lisa Cuscuna and an abstract by Jeff Starkes.  The intent for this wall in the living room was to inspire relaxation and calm.   This piece is quiet and serene and works well with the work we selected from two additional artists featured in the same room.  In the entry foyer, we wanted to portray a welcoming feeling.  The cheerful colors and playful composition of this beautifully executed abstract oil on canvas does just that.    The view from this angle shows the importance of a well coordinated selection.    Although these two pieces are not displayed in the same room, the foyer is very visible from this position in the living room which makes the partnering of the two pieces something worth considering.

Inspiring conversation while adding a dramatic splash of color, we have a large and playful piece by John Newcomb with a group of solar etchings by Nancy McTague-Stock above the sofa. Color and drama against a neutral and calming background.

The living room features work by John Newcomb (left) and Nancy McTague-Stock.   When selecting art for this room, we wanted something fun and a little dramatic that would make a statement and also stimulate conversation.  This large piece called “Vanity” is the focal point of the room.    The four solar etchings worked perfectly pulling in the strong blues in the larger piece while complementing and highlighting the builder’s molding design on the wall.     The mix of styles in this room creates a definite personality.   Guests may not remember the sofa or the coffee table, but they will definitely remember the art.

There are several more rooms featuring original art in this home and all the art is for sale.  The home is currently on the market listed by The Higgins Group Real Estate.  Staging was done by Staging Sells and the art installation was provided by Cherry Street Art.

Call or text today for a personal visit to see the home and the art: