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As the Gallery Manager for the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery located inside the Fairfield Public Library, I take great pleasure in promoting the value this gallery brings to the community. Professionally run by a group of art professionals, the Kershner Gallery provides a unique exhibition and promotion opportunity that offers all the benefits of a non-profit art organization as well as those provided by professional retail galleries ….and even more. Our most recent exhibit is now on view and will remain in the gallery through March 3, 2019. Don’t miss the opening reception, Saturday, February 9, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. All are welcome. Wine and pre-dinner refreshments will be served.

The theme for this exhibit is “nature”. It is our annual community show which means it is open to any artist within the community who wants to participate. Typical Kershner Gallery exhibits feature artists who must go through a review and acceptance process by the curatorial staff, before being awarded an exhibit slot on the calendar. The annual community show is a special opportunity the gallery provides to all area artists who would like the chance to exhibit in a professional gallery without the typical required credentials. The work of over 70 artists are featured in this exhibit demonstrating all levels of expertise, styles and mediums. Below are a few examples of what you will see:

All work is original, and prices are very affordable.

With so many art venues and exhibits happening all over Fairfield County regularly, there is no shortage of visual art enrichment in the area. But abundance can sometimes create confusion and can be overwhelming to novice collectors or buyers who have not acquired the knowledge and confidence in selecting art. Buying what you love is a good rule to follow, but it is not enough. When anything and everything is considered art, it is helpful to have some basic knowledge before investing your money.

Pricing, unfortunately, is not a good measure to use. There is plenty of mediocre artwork that is priced far too high, and there is also very good art that may be priced quite low. New, emerging artists will often price their work low as pricing competitively is a good way to jump start your collector base when you are new to the art arena.

The advice of an art consultant can be very valuable in saving time and money if you are in the market to purchase art or would like to get started on a collection. Whether you start with a life size sculpture or a small table top piece, a little education goes a long way in reaping the rewards of your own personal art collection.

I founded Cherry Street Art years ago so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of owning a personal art collection. Contact us for advice and guidance in selecting art so you know what, where and how to buy quality art that best suits your style and budget. Email or call 203-246-5397. There is no better way to personalize your home or office than with original art. If it is original, no one else has it.

Liz Tardif, Art Consultant

The Art and Real Estate Connection

There is no better way to showcase original art than in a setting where it can be appreciated for the visual value it adds to a space.  And there is no better way to enhance an interior space than with original art.  It’s personal, individual and unique.

Below are images of an art exhibit installed at a newly constructed home in Westport.  The home is expertly built and staged but the biggest treat is the art and the way it breathes life into the space.  Without the art, the space would not have the same energy and pizzazz.

When buying a new home or moving into a new space, allow some room in the budget for art.

Enjoy this preview to see a bit of the home and the art:

Art by John Newcomb and Jeffrey Starkes, – exciting, energetic, and stimulating.

We selected work by two different artists to add energy and inspiration for conversation and dining.  Red was the perfect color.  Red has always been a favored color for dining rooms.   It is strong, warm, energetic and stimulates the appetite.    We installed three original paintings that complement and coordinate well with each other to create an inspiring atmosphere in this neutral dining room.    We loved the work selected and were even more delighted with the titles of the work  –  “Seafood Salad”,  “Seeking Consensus” and “Tea Party”…..perfect for a dining room.   The three uniquely different styles of art playfully working together in this room creates a visual experience that would delight any guest.

Art by Lisa Cuscuna in the Living Room – calm yet dramatic landscape, and Jeffey Starkes in the Foyer – welcoming and cheerful.

A view from the living room to the entry foyer shows two works of art – a contemporary landscape by Lisa Cuscuna and an abstract by Jeff Starkes.  The intent for this wall in the living room was to inspire relaxation and calm.   This piece is quiet and serene and works well with the work we selected from two additional artists featured in the same room.  In the entry foyer, we wanted to portray a welcoming feeling.  The cheerful colors and playful composition of this beautifully executed abstract oil on canvas does just that.    The view from this angle shows the importance of a well coordinated selection.    Although these two pieces are not displayed in the same room, the foyer is very visible from this position in the living room which makes the partnering of the two pieces something worth considering.

Inspiring conversation while adding a dramatic splash of color, we have a large and playful piece by John Newcomb with a group of solar etchings by Nancy McTague-Stock above the sofa. Color and drama against a neutral and calming background.

The living room features work by John Newcomb (left) and Nancy McTague-Stock.   When selecting art for this room, we wanted something fun and a little dramatic that would make a statement and also stimulate conversation.  This large piece called “Vanity” is the focal point of the room.    The four solar etchings worked perfectly pulling in the strong blues in the larger piece while complementing and highlighting the builder’s molding design on the wall.     The mix of styles in this room creates a definite personality.   Guests may not remember the sofa or the coffee table, but they will definitely remember the art.

There are several more rooms featuring original art in this home and all the art is for sale.  The home is currently on the market listed by The Higgins Group Real Estate.  Staging was done by Staging Sells and the art installation was provided by Cherry Street Art.

Call or text today for a personal visit to see the home and the art:

Art Raises Real Estate Values

What happens when a group of artists set up shop in an undesirable  community or lower rent district?    Things start to transform.   Slowly, or not so slowly, the neighborhood takes on a new aura and personality becoming more appealing and driving rents and real estate values up.

Loft Artist Association, Pacific Avenue, Stamford

Examples can be found all over the country and in our own local area as well.  Connecticut is rich with art associations who have set up residence in affordable abandoned buildings only to find that, once their presence has been established, they are pushed out to make room for new development projects.

If you are keeping your eye out for a good real estate investment, think like a developer.   Many follow the artists to find the best locations for their future projects.

Along the High Line, New York City

Read more about how art impacts real estate values …..

Art transforms our homes, buildings and neighborhoods with beauty and visual stimulation creating inspiring live and work environments.   To enhance your space with visual art, contact Cherry Street Art Consultants for the best guidance in selecting the perfect art for you.


An Affair With Abstract

My May newsletter is all about abstract art, why we love it and where to find some spectacular work.   Read more here……

Some of the highlights:

The Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield Public Library has a new exhibit featuring two local abstract artists.   The show is nothing less than inspiring.   You won’t want to miss it.   The gallery is conveniently open during regular library hours making it very accessible.   This amazing exhibit will be on view until July 13, 2018.

Assemblage painting by Heidi Lewis Coleman

Multi-dimensional Weaving by Tina Pluckett








Cherry Street Art,  Fine Art Consulting, is currently working with several emerging artists from France and Italy.   Being one of the first to collect a new artist is often the best way to start a successful art investing endeavor.    For more information on these artists, new to the U.S. market, contact us at 203-246-5397.

New from France – powerful, dramatic and a deeply moving.

From Italy – vibrant, full of life and excitement and subtle hidden messages.


April Art Snippets

The Architect’s Home in the Ravine” by Peter Diog

View my April newsletter to see what is new for art investors, new collectors and anyone who is looking to buy art.   You’ll learn some latest auction trends and what is meant by “flippers” and “frequent fliers”, where to see the best local landscape art exhibit, learn the history of landscape art and also why it is such a popular subject for artists and collectors.

“In The Moment” landscape exhibit currently at the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery

When it comes to buying art, there are many venues and resources to view and research and it can be overwhelming when you are just getting started.   For professional advice and consultations when searching for art, contact  Cherry Street Art.   There is much to know if you want to make wise and rewarding choices when purchasing art regardless of your budget and level of expertise.

Art News – Investing, Affordable, High Tech

The market for Contemporary Art has exploded.  Here are a few to watch if you are thinking about collecting or maybe just curious about which artists are  hot.  Keep in mind if you like an artist’s work but it does not fit your budget, there are many talented emerging artists to consider as an alternative.



The Community show at the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in Fairfield is coming to a close.  Be sure to stop by before March 17 for some great art at very affordable prices.  The next show will be a landscape show starting on March 23 featuring several local landscape artists each with their own unique style of portraying local landscapes and beyond.  Did you know that gazing at a landscape work of art for only a minute can momentarily transport you to another time and place, relaxing your mind and reducing stress levels?

With so many styles of art, it can be challenging to find what is right for you.  Technology is continually creating new mediums for creating art.  If you want something new and exciting…check out some  fractal art .   This newer genre of high tech art  uses algorithms and fractal generating software to create powerfully colorful and detailed psychedelic-like images.  Louis Markoya, a protege’ of Salvadore Dali, is a Connecticut artist who brilliantly incorporates fractals in his work.

Original art is abundant.  Why settle for a copy of anything?  Call Cherry Street Art for a consultation to find art you love.                   203-246-5397

Collecting, Investing, Trends

Art News from Cherry Street Art  just posted.

Outsider Artist, Aloise Corbaz




On the investment front:   What is “outsider art” and who is on the “hot list”.

Italian Artist Cesare Catania



Collecting – trust what you like.   Tips and guidelines to getting started.


Who’s buying what?  top trends for 2017.

Read full report…..

Visit for art consultation and many other visual art services.

What to Know When Buying Art

For anyone who would like to know more about buying art and understanding the art market, the Fairfield Public Library and the Bruce Kershner Gallery will be hosting a presentation, “The Art of Buying Art” on November 28 at 7:00 pm.    

Learn how to navigate the endless world of galleries, art shows and online resources to find art that suits your style and budget and sharpen your own sensibilities about assessing art.   How to see the differences between decorative art, collectible art, investment art, and prints and what you need to know about each will be covered.

What makes this good art? If you like it, how do you know if you should buy it?


Contemporary art comes in many forms and styles. What makes this art fun and appealing? What emotions does it inspire for the viewer?


All are welcome.  This talk is free to the public, but seating is limited so registration is suggested.  Click here to register.

For questions and additional information, call  Cherry Street Art at 203-246-5397 or the Fairfield Public Library at 203-256-3160.

Presented by:  Cherry Street Art and Leonard Fox, Ltd.

November Art News

Connecticut is rich in the arts.   Just driving through the cities and towns of Connecticut and visiting the public buildings can be a rewarding art experience.   Visit the magnificent murals in Connecticut website to see where to find them.   Here are a couple:

Whaling Wall, 124 Captain’s Walk, New London

613-617 Main Street, Middletown

One of the most rewarding lifestyle benefits of living in Fairfield County Connecticut is the proximity to one of the largest art meccas of the world, New York City.   Christie’s auction house will be having their Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale on November 15 featuring art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol and many more.  For investment art buyers in the $2,000,000 to $50,000,000 price point.

Jean-Michel Basquiat – available at Christie’s November 15, New York City for $25,000,000 to $35,000,000

Mark Rothko, available at Christie’s November 15, New York City for $25,000,000 to $35,000,000

For the new to somewhat seasoned collector, we have lots of original art by many local (and living) artists to adorn your homes and offices.    Be original and enrich your surroundings with original art.

Jan Dilenschneider

To see what is happening right now in our very dynamic local art world  visit, the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery in Fairfield, The Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, The Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, and the Westport Arts Center in Westport …just to name a few.


Need help navigating the endless world of galleries, art shows and internet resources to find art that suits your style and your budget?  Visit, email or call 203-246-5397 to set up a personal consultation.  Get the advice and guidance you need to make good art decisions.

Our next Art of Buying Art Talk  presented by Liz Tardif will be held at the Fairfield Public Library, November 28,  at 7:00pm.  Be unique… originals.    Register here.




The Art of Living – Location, Space, Environment

Where is the best place to live?  Among the top choices in the country, Fairfield County Connecticut is one of the favorites, and there are many good reasons for choosing this area.   Convenient commuting to New York City with express trains running approximately 1 hour into Grand Central terminal, a quick ride to snowy mountains to the north and exquisite beaches to the south and east.  There is no shortage of lifestyle opportunities and amenities in this area.

Beyond proximity to all that New York City has to offer, there are many other  lifestyle perks that make this area one of the most desirable in the country.   Award winning schools and education options, exquisite golf courses, a variety of boating and waterfront activities, private beaches and a generous supply of 5 star restaurants that could keep you dining out regularly for years,  just to name a few.

Every city and town has a unique character and personality that is distinct.  Bustling downtown areas, charming residential neighborhoods, community organizations, parks, beaches and more. If you are a shopper,  Fairfield County has a lot to offer with many top brand name stores as well as specialized boutiques populating the area.  The entertainment options are abundant including multiple movie theaters,  live shows and community activities that keep the calendar of events in every town full and varied throughout the year no matter what season.   Whether you are looking for a welcoming and engaging family community, or an active and diverse singles community, it’s all here.

Our neighborhoods encompass an entire range of living preferences from large land parcels with rolling hills and secluded streets to high rise downtown apartments.  Our real estate market is active with opportunities ranging anywhere from $50,000 apartments and condominiums to $30,000,000 private islands.  There is truly something for everyone no matter what budget requirements or personal preferences you have.

High rise apartments in Stamford.

The Southport area of Fairfield

But one of the most appealing features of this area is the vibrant and active dedication to the arts.   Support for the visual, musical, literary and performing arts is part of the Fairfield County Culture and one of the many reasons why people choose to live in this area.   Every town has at least one art and cultural organization which keeps the social and artistic atmosphere thriving and energized.

The Levitt Pavilion in Westport hosts many free concerts throughout the summer months.

The Lockwood Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, a registered historic landmark built as a residence in1864-1968 is now a museum serving as a venue for many art related events and programs.


Creating a truly rewarding living experience begins with the location you choose, to the property you select and  then finally how you transform that property to a living environment that is uniquely yours.    The home environment is the one place where you can leave the outside world behind and create your own world.  And the best way to do it is by adding original art to your space.    Furniture, colors, fabrics and window treatments can all be seen in homes, magazines and stores, and they all have a short life given the continually changing home decorating industry.   What is “in” today, will most certainly be “out” tomorrow.

Not so with art.  Original art endures.  When you collect or buy original art, you choose to make your living space something unlike any other.  Why stop at picking the perfect location and property and not finish the process by creating the perfect interior to match your style and personality.


When it comes to choosing art for your home, think with your heart and feel your own style and emotion.  Let you home reflect and express your individuality and distinct personality.  There is no right or wrong choice when choosing art for your space.   Be yourself and buy original.  The art you choose is the art that is right for you.   Your interior space is a place to express who you are and a place to be who you want to be.  Live it , love it and do it your way.

With so many forms of art and different art mediums the possibilities are infinite for creating a one-of-a-kind look.  Just imagine this delightful butler sculpture in a foyer, dining room, living room or any other space.   What do you think it would say about the owner?    Many possibilities, and all delightful.    Not only a joy for the owner but an unforgettable treat for every guest and visitor as well.

Sculpture Realism, by Howland Blackiston


Inspire your world.

Include original art in all your interior spaces.


Realistic Sculpture by
Howland Blackiston
Westport Art Center Exhibit
September 6, 2017