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New Cherry Street Art Site – Just Launched!

Visit the site and see what we are up to in our efforts to inspire visual art collecting for everyone.  Collecting original art is a highly rewarding and enriching experience that anyone can enjoy.   No longer for the aristocratic levels of society, art collecting is available to everyone whether you are an art expert or novice.    Whatever your style, size, and price range, the supply of original art is abundant, and we help you find exactly what you want.

Visit  and learn about the art of buying art – whether you are buying to decorate, build a collection or make an investment.   Learn the difference between buying for love and buying for money.  Hear the love story of two art collectors who amassed one of the most astonishing art collections while living in a 450 square foot apartment.  Read the report from the most prominent auction houses, how they performed for 2016 and what they predict for the future.   Learn the results of studies and research proving the powerful effects art has on our brains and learning processes.

The information is compelling.  Few things in life are more rewarding than collecting original art.    When you see a room transformed by adding original art, you will be inspired to create your own unique and personal space.


Same space, same furnishings – two personalities portrayed by the art.   Both create visual stimulation, one is energetic the other is calming and thoughtful.  Both can induce conversation but for different reasons.

There is much to know when selecting art depending on the mood, style or ambiance you are trying to achieve.   It is a fun process and you will love the result.







Art for Athletes and Those Who Love Them

You probably know at least one sports enthusiast or one guy who just has everything….well here is something he probably doesn’t have …..his favorite player in fine art….action portraits on canvas… an internationally collected artist.

Tom Brady 30 x 40


or maybe something even more special – handpainted footballs, basketballs, baseballs, helmets, team jersey’s and more.   Personal, original and reasonably priced.  The perfect gift. 🙂

Call 203-246-5397 for more details or to order.

Start With the Art



New homeowner?  Congratulations!  Now that the search process and closing are finally over, it is time to have some real fun – transforming your new space into an exciting living environment.

Every new space has a fresh energy and inspires new creativity. Depending on whether you are down-sizing or up-sizing, you will likely want to curate or add to your existing inventory to fit the new space.    If you already have an art collection, wonderful!  You can use it as the starting point and inspiration for all other design elements.  If not, it is time to start one!

Before you indulge in expensive wall, window, floor treatments and furnishings (none of which have lasting value)  consider investing in art.    Two to three pieces is all you need.  A personal art collection defines your style and sets your home apart from all the others.   Furniture, accessories, fabrics and window treatments can be seen anywhere.  An art collection is unique to you.  And even better, it never goes out of style.  Well selected art endures for generations and may even appreciate in value.

As an art and real estate professional and former interior designer, I have seen the transformation of homes from all perspectives.    The home staging business has exploded in recent years.  Why?  Because homes are far more appealing to buyers when they look fresh and current.  A home that looks “dated” (the dreaded “D” word in real estate) will linger on the market and often sell at a price that reflects the lack of appeal.    Staging a home requires changing, adding and removing furniture, window treatments, etc. , but never art.

Avoid the pitfalls of the constantly changing home fashion industry. Start with art.  Your personal art collection will always be the highlight that makes all your interior spaces personal and original. And isn’t that the point.

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Art Talk for Artists – Building Your Business

Tuesday, April 25, 7:00pm, The Fairfield Public Library

This talk is designed to help visual artists understand and learn the basics for organizing and operating the business of marketing and selling their work.  The discussion will include information on how to submit an application to a gallery, commercial promotion, developing marketing strategies, business building resources and more.  Sponsored and presented by:


Art Opening – Saturday, April 22

An Artful Mix” has just opened at the Kershner Gallery in Fairfield.
This colorful and vibrant show features the work of abstract artists Jeff Starkes and Carlos Frias along with the work of  William Meddick who has a unique representational style.    The opening reception is Saturday, April 22 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.   This show will be on view until May 29 and all artwork is for sale.    For more information please visit the Kersher Gallery webpage.

Art In Our Society – The Importance of Art Education

Fairfield Public Library – Tuesday, February 28, 7:00pm
1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield
Learn compelling information about the vital role art plays in our society.  Art is a universal language that records history, tells our stories, communicates societal changes and inspires our emotions.  Andrew Chi, MD, will talk about what research reveals about the neuroscience behind how creating, studying and appreciating art affects the human mind. This research underscores why art education is important for the successful development and achievement of all individuals.   Co-hosted by Liz Tardif.