Every home should have art, and every work of art should have a home.   Merging these two vital lifestyle needs can be both exciting and challenging.

The internet is full of resources for finding both art and real estate, but buying homes or art from an internet resource is typically not the best decision.    Human emotions are often the driving factor for both purchases followed by financial, lifestyle and investment considerations – all of which require personal qualification and attention as well as professional guidance.

In addition to the abundance of internet resources, there is an even greater abundance of real estate agents, agencies, art venues, galleries and dealers to navigate.  The right professional assistant can make all the difference in the success of buying real estate or art, but finding the right representative for you can turn into a full time job in itself.   Whether it is real estate or art, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.

My posts are meant to provide some useful information on both art and real estate and I encourage you to visit for help and guidance in purchasing art or real estate.

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